Farms We Visit

Kids Cooking Green  

Have your kids ever been to a real farm? Do they know what a carrot looks like while it’s still growing in the ground? Who has had the chance to pick a tomato right from the vine and taste it when it’s truly fresh or watch chickens as they cluck around the yard looking for something good to eat?

Visiting a working farm helps kids to truly understand where fresh food comes from and what it takes to make everything grow. We’re fortunate to have many working farms in the Boston area and enthusiastic farmers who want to show the kids around. The cows, pigs, goats, chickens, geese and more are always willing to participate!

Kids Cooking Green

Here are some of the farms we have visited

Allandale Farm

Brookline, MA

Great Brook Farm

Carlisle, MA


Lexington, MA

Meadow Mist Farm

Lexington, MA

Wright-Locke Farm

Winchester, MA