Kids Advisory Board!

We have a group of teens who have taken our program and want to continue to be involved in cooking, the environment, and the fun they had with KCG!

Please meet Julia, Marina, Ella, Sidney, and Paris- all helping to review recipes and make the KCG program even better.


My name is Sidney.
I am currently a
freshman at Lexington
High School. I live on Silk Fields Farm and have learned
a lot about how it runs and the animals there, and am looking forward to participate in classes, etc. involving Silk Fields. However, I’m also
open to participate in any part of Kids Cooking Green – I love working with younger kids and cooking!



Hi! My name is Marina and I am 12 years old. I love cooking, and when I have some free time,
I like to spend it in the kitchen cooking for my family and trying out new recipes. I enjoyed “pretend” cooking
when I was little,
but now I cook real
food and love it even more! Proper nutrition is very important, and cooking your own food helps you to eat healthy and balanced meals.



My name is Ella.
I am eleven years old and I love to bake and cook
and I think it’s really fun to explore different recipes. I love mixing and matching and tweaking flavors.
I’m so happy that I got interested in Kids Cooking Green because it’s a great program and I get to learn
all about new foods and recipes. Some of my other hobbies include playing the cello, drawing, painting, reading, and writing.

 Read Ella’s notes on our Chicken Pot Pie recipe here!


IMG_3202 (2)

My name is Paris. I am twelve years old.
I enjoy cooking, drawing, and exploring my backyard woods.
I’ve been participating in Kids Cooking Green for a long time. My hope is to help other kids like me learn how to enhance their cooking abilities.
In the warmer months I grow food on our deck. I’m working on growing vegetables.
I did this last summer with romaine lettuce and it tasted sooo much better than the lettuce from a store.
When I grow up I hope to be a chef and an artist. I believe Kids Cooking Green can help me with that dream.



My name is Julia.
I love to cook and bake,
and I would love to open a cafe when I grow up. Some of my other hobbies are dancing and reading, and I like to
play with animals. I think it is fun to make your own food, and my favorite thing to make is lasagna.