Jeff Cole - Director, Mass Farmers’ Markets

Jeff has farmed family land in Sutton, MA since 1981, with his wife, Martha. They have 5 children who are the 10th generation on the farm. He graduated from Bates College with a B.A. in Economics, focused on statistics. Jeff participated in farmers’ markets from 1981 until 1999. He was one of the first farmers to accept Farmers Market Nutrition Program Coupons in the MA pilot in 1986. Since 2000, Jeff has served as the Executive Director of Mass Farmers’ Markets, a 501 (c) 3 charitable non-profit organization whose mission is to partner with farmers, consumers, and communities to foster, enhance and sustain farmers market in Massachusetts in order to improve regional farm viability, consumer nutrition and community social and economic development. Jeff is a founding board member of the National Farmers’ Market Coalition and serves on the boards of multiple agricultural associations in MA. He was recently selected by Governor Patrick to serve on the newly formed Massachusetts Food Policy Council. Jeff has been an instrumental consultant to Kids Cooking Green and Mass Farmers’ Markets provides added support as our fiscal agent.