Paul Turano - Tryst, Arlington

Chef Paul Turano knows his way around a kitchen with kids. After all, not only is he the chef/owner of Tryst in Arlington, he also cooks at home with his own two kids. “They are honest, sometimes critical and genuinely want to help out and hang with dad,” he says. But the effort is paying off already. His daughter likes to eat all kinds of foods and he loves seeing his kid’s expressions when he makes them something they really enjoy.

Leading the dinner preparations for Kids Cooking Green is especially satisfying for Chef Paul, as he says, “I love cooking with kids who have an interest in food because it reminds me of when I was a child.” He also knows that chicken fingers and fries can often become dinner staples. To that end, he looks for ways to introduce a bigger range of whole and healthy foods into the meals he prepares.

For one Kids Cooking Green dinner, Chef Paul looked at some of the go-to items on his menu at Tryst  Favorites such as handmade cavatelli pasta and meat cooked in a cider reduction, both which are great seasonal selections for a fall meal. After all, at Tryst, he says, “we cure our own meats, buy locally whenever possible and do everything from scratch.”

To Chef Paul, the key is using quality ingredients and twisting them into something special.

Tryst is at 689 Mass. Ave in Arlington and is open for dinner and weekend brunch. You can check out the latest menu, which includes Cuban sandwiches and truffle fries, at