Upcoming Cooking Adventures!


Bread & Butter… What’s Better?

April 21st, 9am – 11am. Students pre- k through 2nd grade. $55.
At CNS Kitchen in Lexington.

Join us in the delightfully warm kitchen to bake homemade bread! We’ll work with the wonders of yeast to create some delicious bread. What goes better with bread than butter? We will try our hand at making butter the old fashioned way- by shaking it! We’ll add herbs and salt to finish it off.

Each student will go home with some bread and butter to share with their family.


Spring Brunch!

April 23rd, 9am – 11am. Students pre- k through 2nd grade. $55.
At CNS Kitchen in Lexington.

Spring is here and we thought we would celebrate with one of our favorite kid recipes- Eggs in a Basket! Each child will crack & scramble their own egg with fresh herbs, and then cook it up and eat! We will follow this with a fresh fruit smooth- where each child can design and BUZZ up their own favorite flavors!


Wilmington Summer Camp!

Join us for a week-long summer cooking camp for students going into 3rd – 8th grades! This will take place at Wilmington High School, daily from 9:30 – 12pm, Monday-Friday, June 22nd-26th. Optional additional day when kids can Meet at Wilmington Farmers Market on Sunday June 21, from 10:30-11:30 (Meet rain or shine, if the market is open we will meet)

Our mornings will be filled with creative cooking using seasonal foods, honing our knife skills, and following recipes as students prepare their own lunches.

Recipes will include: Handmade Tortellini with nut-free pesto, Homemade Ice Cream, Berry Cobbler, Local Chowder, Farm Fresh Egg Frittatas and more. Recipe are all hands on, and teach kids who want to cook at an advanced level. Come cook with us, and share our lunch table.

Registration is will open soon, call Wilmington recreation for more info- (978) 658-3311.


Lexington Summer Sizzler!

Kids Cooking Green is coming to the Community Nursery School kitchen in late June!  We’re inviting kids in grades 3-8 to come and cook with us in for a 4-day summer camp. Our afternoons will be filled with learning to cook creatively with seasonal foods, hone up on knife skills,
and follow a recipe as students prepare their own dinner.

Recipes will include:
-Handmade Tortellini with nut-free pesto
-Homemade Ice Cream
-Berry Cobbler
-Local Chowder
-Farm Fresh Egg Frittatas and more!

Recipe are all hands on, and teach kids who want to cook at an advanced level. Come cook with us, and share our table. On Tuesday, weather permitting, we will travel to and from the Lexington Farmers’ Market for a local food shopping challenge and field trip. 

Registration is now open and the cost of the program is $270, plus a $55 food cost, totaling $325. 


Summer Supper Clubs!

This is a hands-on cooking class where kids will make their own supper! We will set the table and sit down and eat together each day! Dinners may include black bean-quinoa burgers with roasted sweet potatoes, homemade focaccia pizzas with garden fresh herbs, Handmade Tortellini with a garden fresh pesto (nut-free), vegetable-friendly zucchini brownies, as well as homemade ice cream with fresh local fruit. Kids will help create the menu, learn about how food grows, and what grows in New England, and how to cook with it.

For kids entering grades k-5 in the fall.
The cost of the 5-day program is $340, plus a $65 food cost, totaling $405.
Register at the links below.

This class will take place at the CNS Kitchen in Lexington.
Session A. Monday-Friday July 6th-10th 3-6 pm
Session B. Monday-Friday July 20th-24th 3-6 pm
Session C. Monday-Friday July 27th-31st 3-6 pm


Perfect Baking Can Be a Piece of Cake!

…if you know what you are doing! 4 Days of Baking with Pastry Chef Noa Katzelnik.

How important is the egg size in baking? When do you sift, and why?
Why do you rotate a cake pan half way through baking? How do you make pudding, from scratch? In this baking workshop kids will measure, bake, fill, and decorate their own individual cakes. They will learn how to use the pastry bag with tip. We will make 2 types of pudding: Chocolate and Peaches & Cream. Kids can decide on a favorite fruit and make mini hand pies with seasonal, local fruits.

This is a great class for the motivated kid baker who wants to
learn from a professional Pasty Chef!

For kids entering grades 4-8 in the fall.
Monday July 13 – Thursday July 16 3:00pm-6:00pm at the CNS Kitchen in Lexington. The cost of the program is $325 plus a $35 food cost, totaling $360.
Register here!


Farm to Kitchen Cooking Camp!

We will spend Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday on Silk Fields Farm harvesting herbs, veggies, and eggs and visiting with the chickens, goats, bunnies, sheep, and alpacas! How many eggs does a chicken lay each day? What does it feel like to brush a goat? Want to take an alpaca for a walk or give them a bath?
Thursday & Friday will be days of cooking at the CNS kitchen in Lexington. This is a hands-on cooking class, where kids will prepare their snack and lunch each day while having so much fun!

5 days on the farm and in the kitchen is $525. This includes all instruction and food cost for the week. Lunch and snack provided each day.

Session 1. Monday-Friday August 3-7, 9am-3pm for Grades k-5
Session 2. Monday-Friday August 10-14, 9am-3pm for Grades 3-8


Private Cooking Celebrations!

Let us host your child’s birthday or special occasion party in our Lexington kitchen or at the rEvolution Kitchen in Stoneham! Parties for kids age 5 and up, (limited to 12 kids). Menu tailored to suit the occasion, but recent Celebration Menus have included:

** Homemade Spaghetti & Meatballs
** Cupcake Bake Off Party
** Pizzas, Salad with DIY dressing, & Homemade Ice Cream
** Breakfast for lunch!

Parties are 2 hours long and are $425
Contact [email protected] for more info, or to secure a date for your party!