Program Details


What makes our Signature Program special?

Above all, Kids Cooking Green is an empowering program. It gives children both an understanding about good nutrition and practical ways to apply their experiences to form good, lifelong eating habits.

In class, they’ll learn about:

  • Nutrition and how to make healthy food choices
  • The many benefits of fresh, locally grown food
  • Ways to think critically and solve problems
  • The social value of food and an appreciation for a shared family dining experience
  • Lifelong cooking skills and good food preparation and sanitation methods
  • How their food choices can make a difference in their health and in the health of their environment

Here’s what we do…

The Kids Cooking Green Signature Program involves 14 hours of class time, including a dinner with family and friends. Classes meet once a week for 5 weeks. Here’s a typical schedule:

Week 1:  We’ll learn about what it means to buy and eat “local”.

Why buy locally grown food? What are the environmental impacts and why is it important? We’ll explore these questions then enjoy making fresh ravioli with handmade pasta.

Week 2:  Let’s take a field trip to the Lexington Farmers’ Market or visit a local farm!

Speaking directly with the farmers who grow local foods, children will learn about a variety of topics and experience new colors, tastes and smells.

Week 3:  How do you plan a nutritious menu?

Meeting with a registered dietician, we’ll analyze foods for balanced eating, design a healthy menu and have a Food Network-style challenge.

Week 4:  It’s time to eat!

Working with a local chef, students will work to follow a recipe and they’ll make a great meal to be enjoyed by family and friends. This week is the culmination of everything the students have learned, with the bonus of enjoying and sharing the fruits of their labor.

Week 5:  How do we bring it home?

Reviewing what’s been learned in the previous weeks, students now have the skills to build good, lifelong eating habits. We’ll write thank you notes to everyone who’s helped along the way and conclude by making a fruit-based dessert.