Signature Program

What is the Kids Cooking Green Signature Program?

Kids Cooking Green is an innovative, hands-on cooking program for children. It’s about health, nutrition, food preparation, the environment and the full circle of benefits of local food and farming. Kids learn how to make healthy choices and develop their own cooking skills, all in a fun and memorable way.

How is it structured?

Kids Cooking Green takes place after school, over a 5 week period, using a carefully planned curriculum. Each class has a nutritional component, an environmental component and a cooking lesson. The program culminates in a nutritious meal for family and friends, all planned and cooked by the children using locally grown ingredients.

What are the program’s goals?

Above all, Kids Cooking Green is an empowering program. It gives children both an understanding about good nutrition and practical ways to apply their experiences to form good, lifelong eating habits. In class, they’ll learn about:

  • Nutrition and how to make healthy food choices
  • The many benefits of fresh, locally grown food
  • Ways to think critically and solve problems
  • The social value of food and an appreciation for a shared family dining experience
  • Lifelong cooking skills and good food preparation and sanitation methods
  • How their food choices can make a difference in their health and in the health of their environment

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