Claire Cheney - Curio Spice Company, Cambridge

Claire Cheney founded Curio Spice Co in 2015. She is an adventurous, self-taught cook who has traveled throughout the world. Over the last decade she’s visited spice farms and communities in over 12 countries sourcing the best spices to bring back to her native New England. Claire has led classes with Kids Cooking Green in her shop, and been the lead speaker in our “Women Who Inspire Series.”

Here is a bit about Curio Spice Co. from their website, “Curio specializes in directly sourced, sustainably produced spices from around the world. We work hard to build relationships with farmers and share their stories with you. Our unique blends help tell these stories through their beautiful aromas and the depth of flavor they add to your food.

We also specialize in rare and hard-to-find spices, tools and culinary gifts available at our storefront & curiosity cabinet in Cambridge, MA as well as here online.

Curio is a woman-owned benefit corporation, working to improve the lives of farmers and add value to our local community through educational events and classes. Sign up for our spice letter or check out our upcoming events to learn more.