LexFarm - Lexington, MA

LexFarm is dedicated to providing education in the community about farms, farming and sustainable land use. They hope to do that by establishing a community farm on the town-owned Busa Farm property. On June 3, 2013 LexFarm submitted its proposal in response to the Town of Lexington’s RFP for a community farm to begin operating in 2014.

LexFarm began in May, 2009 as a grassroots organization founded by three neighbors concerned about the fate of the 7.9 acre Busa Farm upon its sale to the Town of Lexington, who had initially decided to use the land for soccer fields and affordable housing. Thanks to tremendous community support, LexFarm helped turn the decision around, and, in March, 2012, the Selectmen decided most of the land would be dedicated to a community farm with approximately 1/2 acre devoted to affordable housing. LexFarm is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The land is currently being farmed by the Busa Family and includes a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats!