Sonia DeMarta - Home Chef & Activist

Sonia has been a teacher, friend, and guest chef with Kids Cooking Green from the beginning! Here is a bit about Sonia from her new venture as a Home Chef through Pepperlane in Lexington, MA. 

“I have always loved cooking, nutrition, and anything to do with food. I got my masters degree in environmental management with a focus on food production. I founded the Lexington Farmers’ Market, and worked with Kids Cooking Green in Lexington (a program through Lexington schools to teach 5th graders cooking), I taught cooking to teens. I worked at Whole Foods as the Healthy Eating Specialist. I can come into your home and prepare your meals on a regular basis and am well versed with omnivore, vegan, vegetarian foods and food allergies. I’m also Serv Safe certified. I focus on cooking seasonal, local and preferably organic food.”

When asked what she was most passionate about she responded… “I’m passionate about health, food, local community, and family. There are a lot of things in life over which we have no control, but there are many which we can control and can have the greatest impact on health and happiness. I believe the food we put in our bodies is one of the most important of these, followed by exercise, family and friends.”