Susan Callahan - Goodies

Susan Callahan, local food artisan and owner/baker of Goodies, has many good memories of baking cookies with her daughter when she was growing up, recalling how her daughter loved to lick the spoon! Once her daughter was in college in New York City, Susan would send care packages including homemade cookies, or “goodies” as she called them. Soon, “goodies” were sent for birthdays, pick-me-ups, and many other occasions.

The cookies, such as chocolate chunk and oatmeal cranberry, were so popular with her daughter’s friends that Susan began to realize she had a potential business on her hands. Over the next few years, she saw so many repeat customers that Susan did take what was once a hobby and create a thriving gift-box, internet-based baking company that can send fresh-baked cookies almost anywhere. These sweet treats are also conveniently at the Lexington Farmers’ Market each week, though you can order them online any time.

Susan brings the same energy she had baking with her daughter years ago to Kids Cooking Green. She chose a cranberry oatmeal cookie to bake with the kids, and is excited to show those that have not been through this process before. Some of her secret ingredients are honey, golden raisins and orange zest. See if you can taste them when you try them!

To send a gift-boxed care package to someone you know, contact Susan at